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Bromelien detail

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Fascicularia bicolor

Fascicularia bicolor, Sun Bromeliad. A Bromeliad with an intens fiery red autumn color.

Fascicularia bicolor "Bicolor"

Sub-variety of Fascicularia bicolor, known as Sun Bromeliad.

Fascicularia litoralis

Fascicularia litoralis. Simular to Fascicularia bicolor. Tends to have more succulent leaves.

Greigia sphacelata

Greigia sphacelata, bromeliad with a torch-like foliage.

Ochavia rosea

Ochavia rosea, bromeliad with impressive flowers in the centre of the plant.

Puya alpestris

Puya alpestris, Puya with sensational rosette of serrated spiny leaves.

Puya berteroniana

Puya bertoriana, Puya with dense rosettes of arching leaves.

Puya Chilensis

Puya chilensis, probably the fastest growing Puya of Chile.

Puya coerulea

Puya alpestris, Puya with sensational rosettes of serrated spiny leaves.

Puya venusta

Puya venusta, puya with rosettes of silvery-grey, leaves.

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