Acacia caven

Acacia caven, Espino caven, deciduous tree with yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Adiantum chilensis

Adiantum chilensis, Chilean Maidenhair, semi-evergreen / evergreen fern. [Product Details...]

Aextoxicon punctatum

Aextoxicon punctatum, Olivillo, evergreen canopy tree. [Product Details...]

Amomyrtus Luma

Amomyrtus luma, Chilean Myrtle, evergreen tree with white scented flowers. [Product Details...]

Amomyrtus meli

Amomyrtus meli, Myrtus melui, evergreen tree with white scented flowers. [Product Details...]

Araucaria angustifolia

Araucaria angustifolia, Pino paraná. Evergreen conifer. [Product Details...]

Araucaria araucana

Araucaria araucana, also known as Monkey Puzzle Tree. [Product Details...]

Aristotelia chilensis

Aristotelia chilensis, Cornus Chilensis, evergreen shrub / tree with yellow-greenish flowers and small black berries. [Product Details...]

Austrocedrus chilensis

Austrocedrus chilensis, Mountain cypres, evergreen pyramid shaped conifer. [Product Details...]

Azara celastrina

Azara celastrina, also known as Azara lilen, is an evergreen shrub or small tree [Product Details...]

Azara dendata

Azara dentata, Toothed Azara, evergreen shrub with tiny yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Azara integrifolia

Azara integrifolia, Goldspire Azara, evergreen shrub with bright yellow fragrant flowers. [Product Details...]

Azara lanceolata

Azara lanceolata, Narrow-leaf Azara, elegant evergreen shrub with yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Azara microphylla

Azara microphylla, Boxleaf Azara, Chilean evergreen with fan-like branches and small dark, glossy leaves. [Product Details...]

Azara petiolaris

Azara petiolaris, Holly Azara, evergreen with smooth oval leaves. [Product Details...]

Azara serrata

Azara serrata, Chilean evergreen shrub with glossy, oval leaves. [Product Details...]

Beilschmiedia berteroana

Beilschmiedia berteroana, Belloto del Sur, evergreen tree with yellow-greenish flowers [Product Details...]

Beilschmiedia miersii

Beilschmiedia miersii, Belloto del Norte, evergreen tree with yellow-greenish flowers [Product Details...]

Berberidopsis corralina

Evergreen climber with clusters of deep red flowers. [Product Details...]

Berberis darwinii

Berberis darwinii, Michay, Patagonian Berberis. Symbol of Patagonia. [Product Details...]

Berberis montana

Berberis montana, Palo amarillo, decidious South American Berberis with bright yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Blechnum chilensis

Blechnum chilensis, Blechnum chilense, Chilean Hard-fern. Strong evergreen fern with bold, dark green, upright leathery fronds. [Product Details...]

Blechnum hastatum

[Product Details...]

Blechnum magellanicum

Blechnum magellanicum, slow growing evergreen tree fern. [Product Details...]

Blechnum penna-marina

Blechnum penna-marina, Alpine Water fern, evergreen carpeting fern. [Product Details...]

Blepharocalyx cruckshanksii

Blepharocalyx cruckshanksii, Temu divaricatum, evergreen tree with white flowers. [Product Details...]

Butia capitata

Butia capitata, also known as Jelly Palm or Pindo Palm Tree. Gourgous feather palm. [Product Details...]

Caesalpinia spinosa

Caesalpinia spinosa, evergreen shrub with Yellowish orange flowers and razersharp spines. [Product Details...]

Caldcluvia paniculata

Caldcluvia paniculata,Weinmannia paniculata, an evergreen tree. [Product Details...]

Chusquea culeou

Chusquea culeou, colihüe. Clumping Chilean bamboo. [Product Details...]