Below you can choose from an extensive range of hardy and semi hardy exotic Chilean trees. By clicking on the photographs below you will be able to get detailed product information regarding our exotic trees from the Southern Hemisphere.  

Acacia caven

Acacia caven, Espino caven, deciduous tree with yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Aextoxicon punctatum

Aextoxicon punctatum, Olivillo, evergreen canopy tree. [Product Details...]

Amomyrtus Luma

Amomyrtus luma, Chilean Myrtle, evergreen tree with white scented flowers. [Product Details...]

Amomyrtus meli

Amomyrtus meli, Myrtus melui, evergreen tree with white scented flowers. [Product Details...]

Azara celastrina

Azara celastrina, also known as Azara lilen, is an evergreen shrub or small tree [Product Details...]

Beilschmiedia berteroana

Beilschmiedia berteroana, Belloto del Sur, evergreen tree with yellow-greenish flowers [Product Details...]

Beilschmiedia miersii

Beilschmiedia miersii, Belloto del Norte, evergreen tree with yellow-greenish flowers [Product Details...]

Blepharocalyx cruckshanksii

Blepharocalyx cruckshanksii, Temu divaricatum, evergreen tree with white flowers. [Product Details...]

Caldcluvia paniculata

Caldcluvia paniculata,Weinmannia paniculata, an evergreen tree. [Product Details...]

Citronella mucronata

Citronella mucronata, Naranjillo. Evergreen aromatic tree. [Product Details...]

Crinodendron hookerianum

Crinodendron hookerianum, Chilean Lantern Tree, evergreen tree with lantern shaped flowers. [Product Details...]

Crinodendron patagua

Crinodendron patagua, White lantern tree, evergreen tree with white lantern like flowers. [Product Details...]

Cryptocarya alba

Cryptocarya alba, Peumo, evergreen tree with red berries. [Product Details...]

Drimys winteri

Drimys winteri, Winters Bark, evergreen, conical tree with fragrant white flowers. [Product Details...]

Embothrium coccineum

Embothrium coccineum, Chilean fire bush, semi-evergreen tree with fiery red flowers. [Product Details...]

Eucryphia cordifolia

Eucryphia cordifolia, Ulmo, an evergreen tree with flashy white flowers. [Product Details...]

Eucryphia glutinosa

Eucryphia glutinosa, Guindo santo. Deciduous to semi-evergreen tree. [Product Details...]

Gevuina avellana

Gevuina avellana, Chilean Hazel, evergreen tree with small, abundant narrow clusters of creamy yellow to whitish flowers. [Product Details...]

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacaranda mimosifolia, Jacaranda ovalifolia, a deciduous tree with trusses of purple flowers. [Product Details...]

Laurelia sempervirens

Laurelia sempervirens, Laurelia aromatica or Chilean laurel. Evergreen broadleaved aromatic tree with yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Laureliopsis philippiana

Laureliopsis philippiana, Chilean tepa. Evergreen broadleaved tree. Simular to Laurel. [Product Details...]

Lomatia ferruginea

Lomatia ferruginea, evergreen tree with fern-like leaves. [Product Details...]

Lomatia hirsuta

Lomatia hirsuta, Nogal silvestre, an evergreen broadleaved tree with yellow flowers. [Product Details...]

Luma apiculata

Luma apiculata, evergreen aromatic tree with peeling, golden-orange to greyish-white bark. [Product Details...]

Maytenus boaria

Maytenus boaria, Maitén, evergreen tree with small greenish flowers. [Product Details...]

Nothofagus alessandrii

Nothofagus allesandri, Southern Beeach or Ruíl. [Product Details...]

Nothofagus alpina

Nothofagus alpina, deciduous tree with dark green leaves. [Product Details...]

Nothofagus antarctica

Nothofagus antarctica, Antartic Beech, deciduous tree, with crenated leaves. [Product Details...]

Nothofagus betuloides

Nothofagus beteloides, Coihüe de magallanes. Evergreen, columnar tree. [Product Details...]

Nothofagus dombeyi

Nothofagus dombeyi, Coihüe. Evergreen, conical tree. [Product Details...]