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Alberi arrow Lomatia hirsuta

Lomatia hirsuta

Lomatia hirsuta - Leaves    Lomatia hirsuta - Close up Leaves   

Lomatia hirsuta

Common name: Radal, Nogal silvestre
Height: 15m
Growing: medium
Foliage: broadleaved evergreen with leathery leaves
Flowers / Fruits: stems with bright yellow flowers
Site: sun to shade
Soil: acidic to slightly alkaline
Irrigation: regular, well drained soil.
Hardiness: semi hardy -5ºC

Long description:
Lomatia hirsuta, also known as Radal or Nogal silverstre is a broadleaved evergreen tree with leathery leaves. It bears bright yellowish flowers on small stems. The bark has a bright greyish color.

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