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Alberi arrow Luma apiculata

Luma apiculata

Luma apiculata - Foliage    Luma apiculata - Amazingly colored bark   

Luma apiculata - Flower    Luma apiculata   

Luma apiculata    Luma apiculata   

Luma apiculata    Luma apiculata   

Luma apiculata   

Luma apiculata

Common name: Myrtus luma, myrtus apiculata, amomyrtus luma, myrceugenia apiculata.
Height: 10m
Growing: fast
Foliage: evergreen, waxy, rounded, lemony scented leaves
Flowers / Fruits: dark red to black berries, followed by tiny white cup-shaped flowers.
Site: sun
Soil: acidic
Irrigation: regular, well drained soil.
Hardiness: hardy -10 / -15ºC

Long description: Luma apiculata, also known as Myrtes luma, is an evergreen aromatic tree with peeling, golden-orange to greyish-white bark. When flowering, this already attractive tree turns into a massive sea of striking, small bright white flowers. Luma apiculata flowers over a long period of time. It is known to flower during summer and autumn.

It is obvious that Luma apiculata has a number of very attractive elements. The trunk of the tree is amazing, already in its early ages! The golden-orange colored bark will make it look like it’s glowing! Together with the with white flowers and the reddish to black edible small fruits, this tree has got the whole package!

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