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Home arrow Prodotti arrow Bromélias arrow Fascicularia bicolor "Bicolor"
Bromélias arrow Fascicularia bicolor "Bicolor"

Fascicularia bicolor "Bicolor"

Fascicularia bicolor "Bicolor"

Common name: Chupalla
Height: 80 cm
Growing: slow
Foliage: evergreen
Flowers / Fruits: tiny blue purple flowers
Site: sun to partial shade     
Soil: acidic to slightly alkaline
Irrigation: abundant
Hardiness: semi-hardy -5ºC    

Long description: Sub-variety of Fascicularia bicolor , known as Sun Bromeliad. The bicolor “Bicolor” has all the appearences of the normal Bicolor, only it tends to stay smaller. The leaves are thinner and more compactly placed.

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