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Bromélias arrow Greigia sphacelata

Greigia sphacelata

Greigia sphacelata - leaves    Greigia sphacelata - plant   

Greigia sphacelata

Common name: Chupón, Billbergia sphacelata
Height: 2m
Growing: slow
Flowers / Fruits: fruits, very sweep as pineapple
Site: sun to partial shade
Soil: acidic to slightly alkaline
Irrigation: abundant
Hardiness: hardy -15ºC

Long description:  Greigia produces a fine rosette of Pineapple-like bright green foliage consisting of very long and very narrow, arching leaves fringed with tiny sharp spines. Dense heads of rose-coloured flowers are borne in the centre of the plant, which will be followed by sweet, pulpy edible fruits.  

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