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Bromélias arrow Puya berteroniana

Puya berteroniana

Puya berteroniana - plant    Puya berteroniana - flowers   

Puya berteroniana    Puya berteroniana   

Puya berteroniana

Common name: Chagualillo
Height: 2m
Growing: slow
Foliage: evergreen, the leafs are filled with inward pointing needle-sharp spines.
Flowers / Fruits: 1m high flower spike filled with dark blue flowers
Site: sun
Soil: acid to alkaline, well drained soil.
Irrigation: few
Hardiness: semi-hardy -5 to -10 ºC

Long description: Puya bertoriana can be distinguished through its curving leaves. It forms dense rosettes of gracefully arching, narrow, dark bluish-green leaves with the underside densely white scaled. As all Puyas, bertoriana forms an amazing flower spike. The antenna-like spike is filled with uniquely collored exceptional metallic, shimmering, deep dark greenish-blue flowers. Given a very well-drained, sheltered position, bertoriana is almost fully hardy!

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