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Conifere arrow Araucaria araucana

Araucaria araucana

Araucaria araucana - specimen    Araucaria araucana - close up   

Araucaria araucana - forest    Araucaria araucana - branches and seeds   

Araucaria araucana - forest    CITES   

Araucaria araucana   

Araucaria araucana

Common name: Pehuén, Monkey Puzzle Tree, Chile Pine
Height: 30-35m
Growing: slow
Foliage: Majestic evergreen tree. Branches are filled with flattened and sharp, glossy, dark green leaves.   
Flowers / Fruits: fruits
Site: sun
Soil: acidic to slightly alkaline, well-drained soil.
Irrigation: regular
Hardiness: -20ºC

Long description: Araucaria araucana, also known as Monkey Puzzle Tree, is one of the most extraordinary trees in the world. This unique ancient tree can live up to a great age. They are known to be found of over 1300 years old! The Monkey Puzzle tree is a slow growing conifer which, under the right circumstances, can reach a total height of 50 meter. It’s an open spreading conifer with greyish-brown bark, wrinkled like elephant hide. The branches are filled with flattened and sharp, glossy, dark green leaves.

Young trees have a pyramid-shaped crown, resembling a closed umbrella. This sight will change during the ages. In adult trees, the lower branches will abscise, changing the looks of the tree into an open umbrella, with the tip of the branches pointing upwards.


Specie is fully protected under Appendix I of CITES! For more information on CITES and its regulations please visit www.cites.org. If you’ve got any questions related to this species regarding CITES do not hesitate to contact us.

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