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Felci arrow Blechnum magellanicum

Blechnum magellanicum

Blechnum magellanicum    Blechnum magellanicum   

Blechnum magellanicum

Common name: Helecho arbóreo, Blechnum tabulare
Height: 1m
Growing: slow
Foliage: evergreen
Flowers / Fruits: n/a
Site: shade to half shade
Soil: acidic to neutral
Irrigation: abundant
Hardiness: hardy -15ºC

Long description: Blechnum magellanicum, also known as Blechnum tabulare is a slow growing evergreen tree fern. The bright green fronds are broadly lance-shaped.  The new fronds of Blechnum magellanicum can have an amazing bronze color. Thru the years a trunk will be formed. Older specimens can create a large rosette of leaves with a diameter up to 1 meter.

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