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Below you can choose from an exclusive range of hardy and semi hardy Chilean conifers. The Patagonia Plants conifer range includes the National tree of Chile, the Araucaria araucana. Next to this extraordinary Chilean conifer, you will be able to find a few other very rare and unusual species. By clicking on the photographs below you will be able to get detailed product information regarding our conifer range from the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Araucaria angustifolia

Araucaria angustifolia, Pino paraná. Evergreen conifer.
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Araucaria araucana

Araucaria araucana, also known as Monkey Puzzle Tree.
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Austrocedrus chilensis

Austrocedrus chilensis, Mountain cypres, evergreen pyramid shaped conifer.
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Podocarpus andinus

Podocarpus andinus, also known as Prumnopitys andina, is a mountainous evergreen conifer.
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Podocarpus nubigenus

Podocarpus nubigenus, Podocarpus nubigena, evergreen conifer with yellow flowers.
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Podocarpus salignus

Podocarpus salignus, Willowleaf podocarp. Evergreen conifer with drooping branches.
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Saxegothaea conspicua

Saxegothaea conspicua, Mañío hembra, evergreen conifer.
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