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Below you can choose from an exluvise range of hardy and semi hardy Chilean ferns. The list contains nummerous rare and unusual fern species, which are evergreen to semi evergreen. By clicking on the photographs below, you will get detailed product information regarding this exclusive range of rare and unusual exotic ferns from Patagonia.

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Adiantum chilensis

Adiantum chilensis, Chilean Maidenhair, semi-evergreen / evergreen fern.
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Blechnum chilensis

Blechnum chilensis, Blechnum chilense, Chilean Hard-fern. Strong evergreen fern with bold, dark green, upright leathery fronds.
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Blechnum magellanicum

Blechnum magellanicum, slow growing evergreen tree fern.
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Blechnum penna-marina

Blechnum penna-marina, Alpine Water fern, evergreen carpeting fern.
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Lophosoria quadripinnata

Lophosoria quadripinnata, Ampe, evergreen to semi-evergreen fern, with very fine-textured leaflets.
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Polystichum chilensis

Polystichum chilensis, Chilean shield fern, an evergreen ground covering fern.
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Polystichum setiferum

Polistichum setiferum, Soft shield fern, semi-evergreen to evergreen fern.
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Rumohra adiantiformis

Rumohra adiantiformis, Leather leaf fern, evergreen leathery fern.
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