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Perennials arrow Gunnera tinctoria

Gunnera tinctoria

Gunnera tinctoria solitair    Gunnera tinctoria - new leaves   

Gunnera at water edge    Gunnera tinctoria   

Gunnera tinctoria

Common name: Nalca, Giant Rhubarb
Height: 2 m
Growing: fast
Foliage: extremely big green rhubarb-like leaves.
Flowers / Fruits: forms an antenna-like spike filled with purpulish-brown flowers.
Site: light shade to shade
Soil: acidic to alkaline
Irrigation: abundant
Hardiness: hardy -15ºC

Long description: Despite its name the Giant Rhubar is not related to the eatable rhubarb as we know it. This impressive plant should be planted in a moist soil (preferably near a lake, canal or pond). The leaves of this strange plant can grow up to 1,5 meters big! A huge antenna-like spike with purpulish-brown flowers will be formed from the center of the plant. In winter the plants dies back to the ground. The foliage of the plant, which has fallen down on the ground, will then serve as protection against frost. The decomposing leaves will eventually enrich the soil again. Early spring the new growth of the Gunnera will start again. A similar species is Gunnera manicata. This variety is known to grow even bigger then the tinctoria; up to 2,5-3 meters big!

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