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Shrubs arrow Aristotelia chilensis

Aristotelia chilensis

Aristotelia chilensis - Berries    Aristotelia chilensis - Foliage   

Aristotelia chilensis - Young branch    Aristotelia chilensis   

Aristotelia chilensis   

Aristotelia chilensis

Common name: Cornus Chilensis, Aristotelia macqui, Aristotelia glandulosa, Chilean wineberry
Height:  3-4m
Growing: medium
Foliage: evergreen
Flowers / Fruits: small star-shaped yellow-greenish  flowers and small black berries
Site: sun to light shade
Soil: acidic to slightly alkaline
Irrigation: regular
Hardiness: hardy -10ºC

Long description: Aristotelia chilensis also known as Cornus Chilensis or Chilean wineberry is an evergreen shrub, which is also grown as a tree. The leaves are glossy, dark green and oval to lanceolately shaped. Young shoots and leaf stalks tend to have a reddish color. It bears clusters of small star-shaped yellow-greenish flowers and will have small dark purple to black berries. 

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