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Drimys winteri

Drimys winteri - leaves close-up   

Drimys winteri

Common name: Canelo, Fuñe, Winter’s Bark.
Height: 7–8m
Crowing: medium
Foliage: evergreen, leathery aromatic leaves
Flowers / Fruits: clustered fragrant white flowers
Site: sun to partial shade
Soil: acidic to alkaline
Irrigation: regular, well-drained soil
Hardiness: -10ºC

Long description: Drimys winteri is an evergreen, conical tree, with long, glossy pale to vague leathery green leaves, usually bluish white beneath. The leaves have an aromatic pepper-like smell when crushed. It bears clusters of fragrant, star-shaped white flowers with yellow creamy centers.

Drimys winteri is well-known for its medical use; the aromatic bark is used to treat stomach problems. In 1557, the discoverer of Drymis winterii, Captain John Winter, used its aromatic bark as a cure for scurvy. On his expedition for Sir Francis Drake, natives recommended the captain a tea made of the bark of Drymis to cure his stomach problems.

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