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Trees arrow Laureliopsis philippiana

Laureliopsis philippiana

Laurelipsis philippiana - leaves    Laureliopsis philippiana -  leaves   

Laureliopsis philippiana - foliage   

Laureliopsis philippiana

Common name: Chilean tepa, Huahuán, Laurelia philippiana, Laurelia serrata.
Height: 20m
Growing: medium
Foliage: evergreen broadleaved tree.
Flowers / Fruits: reddish to greenish flowers.
Site: sun to shade
Soil: acidic to slightly alkaline
Irrigation: abundant to regular, moist soil.
Hardiness: -10ºC

Long description: Laureliopsis philippiana also known as Chilean tepa is an evergreen broadleaved tree, which, on fisrt sight,  seems very simular to Laurelia sempervirens. However, there are some differences in the leaves and th eflowers. The leaves of  Laureliopsis philippiana have a sharp-toothed edge, where as the leaves of Laurelia sempervirens are more smoothly edged. Laurelia philippiana bears small reddish to greenish flowers, followed by greenish fruits.

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