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Below you can choose from an extensive range of hardy and semi hardy exotic Chilean trees. By clicking on the photographs below you will be able to get detailed product information regarding our exotic trees from the Southern Hemisphere.  

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Nothofagus glauca

Nothofagus glauca, Haulo or roble maulino. Deciduous tree with crenated leaves.
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Nothofagus leoni

Nothofagus Leoni, natural hybrid between Nothofagus glauca and Nothofagus obliqua.
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Nothofagus nitida

Nothofagus nitida, Coigüe. Evergreen Nothofagus with pyramid shaped leaves.
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Nothofagus obliqua

Nothofagus obliqua, Roblé. Nothofagus with deep green leaves.
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Nothofagus obliqua Macrocarpa

Nothofagus obliqua Macrocarpa, Roblé de Santiago, is a deciduous tree.
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Nothofagus pumilio

Nothofagus pumilio, fagus pumilio, a deciduous tree.
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Persea Lingue

Persea lingue, Laurus lingue, Canela rosa. evergreen Chilean tree.
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Peumus boldus

Peumus boldus, Boldo, Chilean tea plant! Highly aromatic evergreen tree.
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Prosopis chilensis

Prosopis chilensis, Chilean Mesquite Tree.
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Quillaja saponaria

Quillaja saponaria, Chilean Soap Bark Tree, evergreen tree with white flowers.
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Rhaphithamnus spinosus

Rhaphithamnus spinosus, Chilean evergreen shrub.
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Schinus latifolius

Schinus latifolius, Peppertree. Evergreen tree with purplish to black fruits.
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Schinus molle

Schinus molle, Peruvian Pepper. Evergreen tree with red to pinkish berries.
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Sophora microphylla

Sophora microphylla, Kowhai, semi-evergreen tree with spectacular yellow flowers.
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Tepualia stipularis

Tepualia stipularis, Chilean evergreen tree or shrub, with white flowers.
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Weinmannia trichosperma

Weinmannia trichosperma, Tineo, an evergreen tree with fern-like leaves.
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