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Mitraria coccinea

Mitraria coccinea, Chilean Mitre Flower, evergreen climber.
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Myrceugenia leptospermoides

Myrceugenia leptospermoides, evergreen shrub with bright white flowers
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Nothofagus alessandrii

Nothofagus allesandri, Southern Beeach or Ruíl.
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Nothofagus alpina

Nothofagus alpina, deciduous tree with dark green leaves.
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Nothofagus antarctica

Nothofagus antarctica, Antartic Beech, deciduous tree, with crenated leaves.
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Nothofagus betuloides

Nothofagus beteloides, Coihüe de magallanes. Evergreen, columnar tree.
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Nothofagus dombeyi

Nothofagus dombeyi, Coihüe. Evergreen, conical tree.
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Nothofagus glauca

Nothofagus glauca, Haulo or roble maulino. Deciduous tree with crenated leaves.
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Nothofagus leoni

Nothofagus Leoni, natural hybrid between Nothofagus glauca and Nothofagus obliqua.
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Nothofagus nitida

Nothofagus nitida, Coigüe. Evergreen Nothofagus with pyramid shaped leaves.
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Nothofagus obliqua

Nothofagus obliqua, Roblé. Nothofagus with deep green leaves.
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Nothofagus obliqua Macrocarpa

Nothofagus obliqua Macrocarpa, Roblé de Santiago, is a deciduous tree.
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Nothofagus pumilio

Nothofagus pumilio, fagus pumilio, a deciduous tree.
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Ochavia rosea

Ochavia rosea, bromeliad with impressive flowers in the centre of the plant.
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Persea Lingue

Persea lingue, Laurus lingue, Canela rosa. evergreen Chilean tree.
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Peumus boldus

Peumus boldus, Boldo, Chilean tea plant! Highly aromatic evergreen tree.
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Podocarpus andinus

Podocarpus andinus, also known as Prumnopitys andina, is a mountainous evergreen conifer.
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Podocarpus nubigenus

Podocarpus nubigenus, Podocarpus nubigena, evergreen conifer with yellow flowers.
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Podocarpus salignus

Podocarpus salignus, Willowleaf podocarp. Evergreen conifer with drooping branches.
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Polystichum chilensis

Polystichum chilensis, Chilean shield fern, an evergreen ground covering fern.
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Polystichum setiferum

Polistichum setiferum, Soft shield fern, semi-evergreen to evergreen fern.
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Prosopis chilensis

Prosopis chilensis, Chilean Mesquite Tree.
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Puya alpestris

Puya alpestris, Puya with sensational rosette of serrated spiny leaves.
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Puya berteroniana

Puya bertoriana, Puya with dense rosettes of arching leaves.
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Puya Chilensis

Puya chilensis, probably the fastest growing Puya of Chile.
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Puya coerulea

Puya alpestris, Puya with sensational rosettes of serrated spiny leaves.
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Puya venusta

Puya venusta, puya with rosettes of silvery-grey, leaves.
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Quillaja saponaria

Quillaja saponaria, Chilean Soap Bark Tree, evergreen tree with white flowers.
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Rhaphithamnus spinosus

Rhaphithamnus spinosus, Chilean evergreen shrub.
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